Asian Mafia @ Miss Wang

A couple of days ago me and Jay were invited to Illustrado Magazine’s ‘Asian Mafia’ party.

The party was held at Miss Wang in Majestic hotel! I love the mysterious vibe of this place. Getting into the restaurant was quite thrilling and a bit enigmatical. We had to go though a little bit of maze, one door after another, to be able to get into the restaurant. This was an experience on it’s own 🙂

The food was amazing! They served a variety of asian dishes that was just mouthwatering and they were complimented with non-traditional handcrafted cocktails influenced from all over Asia. I liked the Lemon grass cocktail 🙂  Miss Wang has a cutting-edge karaoke room and a really good live band! I like restaurants with a live band!

It was wonderful that the Illustrado Team could  gather the top Filipino influencers in the UAE and threw a great party! Thanks again Illustrado!

with @bettinamicu, @tessathehipie, @locloset, @alweevillarosa

with Ms Yasmin Balajadia-Cortes

Jay, Divine, Rica, Ren

Ana & Lalaine Benitez (Editor in Chief of Illustrado magazine)


Filipino bloggers and influencers in UAE.


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