We’ve made it to Seven!

Just like that, Jay and I are celebrating our seventh year anniversary! 🙂

Let me share with you the things we did for our marriage in the last seven years! 🙂

And will continue to do so…

Travel Together
We love traveling and discovering new places together. It somehow bonds us to each other as we experience new things together. It sorts of creates a memory that will forever be unique to me and him. Like the time we were in Kenya and saw a Lion devouring a wildebeest! Traveling gives us a lot of memories to talk about for years to come! Oh and traveling together doesn’t always have to mean going on an expensive vacation!

Try each other’s hobby and try new hobbies together 
We find it really fun to try new things and learn new things together! I never thought I’d learn how to wakeboard! The goal of trying each other’s hobbies is not the hobby itself. The goal is spending time together and having those opportunities to laugh at each other and chit chat. We all need shared activities, just like traveling it builds shared memories. You feel more like a team.

here we are trying to do paddle boarding! 😀

Save and invest
Though we like being spontaneous and living in the present, we are wise when it comes to our finances. We know the power of saving and investing.”We save so we can travel, we invest so we can bless!” 🙂

Yes, we fight. And I cannot promise that there won’t be any fight in the future. Why? Because we are two different people with two different opinions and ideas who were raised in a two different environment so a clash is inevitable. But we fight fair. That means no use of negative hurtful words and no physical hurting. We usually take our time and then talk about why we’re fighting and then whoever is in the wrong should apologize and say “sorry”. The most important thing in fighting fair is ‘humility’. When Pride comes in that’s when things go nasty. Learn to fight fair and fight for your marriage. Jay and I have come to a resolve that whatever happens, separation is never an option for us.

Relationship with God
For us, this should be the foundation of all marriages. You cannot find your ‘completeness’  from your spouse or anybody else. All of us have a hole in our hearts that only God can fill. You cannot rely on nor expect the other person to complete you! Because they will never will.  Also, the reason that Jay and I “fight fair” is because of our relationship with God. God’s Word is our ultimate go-to when it comes to how we treat a person or when we are faced with a crossroad and have to make a difficult decision.

Rejoice in each one’s victories. 
We celebrate each other’s success no matter how big or small it is! It boosts our confidence and it also reinforces that we are a team and we support each other.

We laugh, kiss and make love
often! 😀

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